Some think people at the border are completely out of order, so they make their capture and have their rapture. ✍️ #mbnov for the 22nd and 23rd #mbnovfail

If you start to sit in the shade, your tan will fade. ✍️ #mbnov 🖐🏽🧓🏽🤚🏽🖐🏼🧓🏼🤚🏼🖐🏻🧓🏻🤚🏻

After reading Cheri Baker’s Hermit.FUN article today, about what she has coined iPEDs (Internet-free Privacy Enhancing Devices) I’m thinking I should revive my 12yo iPod Classic. It only need a new battery, and the iFixit people have you covered in that regard. I also recently got myself a record player, but I have to look into it bc it have no power.

I’ve long thought that the “Mission Impossible” movies really should be named “Mission Improbable” ✍️ #mbnov

It’s annoying that @Apple pops up “Do you miss us?” screens ever so often in the Music app, (like some company that has a popular “user-uploaded videos”-type of app), when I have explicitly turned Apple Music off. Because I have @Spotify - and I have no plans to change that.