Most people think it’s Frankenstein that is the monster…and they’re right.

Zorro has got the mask thing all wrong

I wonder if I haven’t got the Rob ‘n Raz album on LP. The cover certainly looks familiar. @g

Poor kitty!…

I wish I could have Craig Federighi hair on my selfie’s… 👴🏻

Dangling microphones ruins movies. Old Norwegian proverb.

I’d like to take a picture of someone with an IC on their shoulder. 😅

I have to express my appreciation for Analog Africa’s effort to put their entire catalog up on Spotify.

October United Nations Day EN - United Nations

75 years working for peace

My new book 😉😂

Rise up - Thomas Mapfumo and The Blacks Unlimited 🎵

They don’t like people from Europe on their website. @pratik is acting strange after upgrading to iOS 14.1… 📩

Is there any consensus here which is the best controller to use with Apple TV 4K? 🎮

So, today I Googled “Janice Bing”…


I’d like David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey to host the next Apple Event. All with face mask wearing including a 2-400 pp audience.

Then the Apple people would come out and show them each product, and they’d comment about it, good cop - bad cop style, and crack some jokes. And then some ordinary people that had used the devices that whole day with their families got on the show and told their favorite parts of the new OSes and devices. 🥳

Idea for knock-off game: Mimecraft.

A NASA Spacecraft Is About to Land on an Asteroid And Grab a Sample. Watch It Live

That took a while to discover! Scientists Just Discovered a Mysterious Organ Lurking in The Centre of The Human Head

Missed opportunities: I’m not doing the #Inktober (it’s October 20 already), or the #NaNoWriMo this year either. Reason: It caught me by surprise this year too! Now, however, I’ve marked the events well in advance for next year.

Wish I could change the opacity, text outline and shading on Widgetsmith widgets…

Here’s a picture of me and my bike 20+ years ago. @jessekelber @maique 🏍

It’s not a ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ state, it’s a 🌟 state! Texas: Images of the Lone Star State - The Atlantic

Safari widget. Bam!