When “Tim Cook” did the MI thing, I thought for a moment they would say “Now even PCs can have a M1!” 🤪

Results From The World’s Largest Wellbeing Study Are In: Here’s What We Know

I’m keeping my condominium at a Kondo-minimum, but I’m ready for s new start, so, Marie - show me the art!

I made one of those as well! 😊@jean Had to cut up microblog to make it more visually appealing though.

Enjoying the new Norah Jones Live album 🎵

Enjoyed this at Roadburn Virtual Jonathan Hulten – Roadburn Festival

PIP Notes.app would be awesome!

Not bad!

Weather forecast Oslo, five days

What’s on my iPhone?

2416 songs 73 videos 8541 pictures 325 apps


Everone has a plan, ‘till they get punched in the mouth.

— Mike Tyson

Har vært ute og gått en forfriskende tur i vårsola.

Søren Kirkegaard - om det å gå.

Plutselig innså Cato og Gerd at det ikke sto «kom som duer» i invitasjonen - Absurdgalleriet

The Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet [Infographic] – Wabisabi Learning

A Complete Guide to Dark Mode on the Web - CSS-Tricks

A man walks into a bar. Knock-knock, “Who’s there?” (No answer)

Bold! New Zealand Just Passed a Climate Change Law No Other Country’s Dared to Tackle @miraz

Listening to Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing is transporting me back to the summer of ’85 — in the middle of Norway, where I grew up.

Developers, developers, developers!!! 😰

Would you say a iPod touch 32GB is sufficient as a testing device?

Mountains - Manowar (1985) 🎵


No. ❌

Even though www.snoozefest.party would have been fun to have, I really shouldn’t.



April should be called “April fools month”. One moment it is spring, the next it’s winter again.

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