Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 30: Privacy.

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 29: Light. Sometimes I like to light a candle to get some “kos”/“hygge”…

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 28: Up. Sometimes it’s rewarding just to see up, up in the sky.

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 27: Pompasetting. Pompasetting my (then) new clothes, not because they were so nice, but because I was a bit flabbergasted that I had gotten this big.

I made a single… It’s my first try. I tried to use song.link/odesli.com to link to the song, but not every service I released it on was there. Apparently, song.link/odesli.com and similar services make a living off of people that wants to show their work, and that’s fair enough.

If you happen to know someone that knows someone in Metallica: I’d love to hear MetallicA do a cover version of “Live wire” by AC⚡️DC.

🎵 ”Pandemic tribulation, systemic vaccination…” 🎵

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 26: Favorite/favourite. The sun ☀️ is my favorite ⭐️ star.

In the late winter sun.

It strikes me that music is really frequencies + the relationship between instant- and delayed gratification.

Birdbox Cabin (in Norwegian, paywall) De bygget en diger fuglekasse som hytte midt i skogen.

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 25: CODE.

This “T” is a code for marking that you’re on the right track in a Turistforeningen*-marked path.

Den Norske Turistforening, (DNT).

Red T painted on a stone in the forest

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 24: Baby. Here I am, as a baby in 1969.

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow - “Catch the Rainbow” reminds me a lot like Jimi Hendrix’ “Little Wing”, and also some early Scorpions.

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 23: Banana. Had to dig all the way back to 2006, when I tested my then new Canon IXUS 960(?) to find a banana, or to be more specific, bananas.

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 22: Spell. The spell of last year still hangs over us.

Mi mind isn’t what it used to be, but then again, it never was. Or was it?

Our King Harald V is 84 today. Congratulations!🎉🎈🎊

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 21: Colors/colours. Kano liked the colorful pillows/pillowcases in the couch.

Kano chillin' in the couch

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 20: Weather. Last spring, as the Corona news really started to pound, we had some really nice weather.

Hadde pølse-potpurri, hjemmelaget potetstappe og kålstappe (+ salat som jeg sløyfet) i dag. Nammenam! 😋

Devotion by Beach House is such a great album! 🎵

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 19: Alive. Back when I wasn’t just alive, but kicking.

First image from Mars

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 18: At home. At home during lock-down.

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 17: Still. I still miss you, Kano.

Kano - a nice dog.