I recently helped a acquaintance install High Sierra on their 2013 iMac. I didn’t dare go straight to Catalina. But they had no idea that you could, (and sometimes should), upgrade to a newer version of what now is macOS. Maybe Apple could have made this more obvious for the not so saturated user?

Just had a thought; In the pictures app, if you have a “+” to launch the camera app, you really don’t need a camera icon. New picture instead of for example new document…

Determination xkcd: Voting

I think everyone that makes an iOS- (or Android) app that they genuinely are proud of, and that doesn’t scam the users should at least triple it’s price. But please don’t make subscribe - I’ve got enough subscriptions already.

Still a lot of fires going on. 😔

I’ve been doom scrolling so long to find a specific post on mb that I forgot why I was looking for it in the first place 🤷🏻‍♂️

Going trough William Tyler’s Catalog open.spotify.com

Mandela Kirsebær looking out at autumn colored trees… 🍁🍂

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer - United Nations Keep the lid on y’all!

One of my all time favorite actresses, Betty Joan Perske , better known as Lauren Bacall, would have been 96 today.

New book!

VO measurements come in very handy these days. I’ve been waiting for it to come to the Apple Watch ⌚️ Don’t think I’ll be getting one personally though.


Khala My Friend - Amanaz 🎵

No, @Timex , don’t put this in my face, I’m just browsing, besides, I especially don’t want to give you my birthdate or gender when you do that.

Mail.app wish: Markdown support.

Wish Analog Africa was able to release Dur Dur Band’s Vol 3 & 4 soonish…

Seems a little too close www.netflix.com

”#Alive” on Netflix

I forbindelse med Verdensdagen for Forebygging av Selvmord :

☀️Odd-Egil Auran🌲 – Side 5 – Det skulle jeg ha sagt…

Ok, I have one very positive experience with SIRI. When I’m on a website, activate SIRI, and said “Remind me of this, on the 18. of September”. SIRI asked “Remind you of what?”, the I followed up with “This web page”. And SIRI said “Done”. (All dialogue is translated from Norwegian in my head).

This is how I want SIRI to be.

Good mouning!


How do you remove unwanted widgets from the old widget screen, (left of Home Screen) in iOS 14 beta?

Uvant bra spilt av Norge mot Nord-Irland!

I like. Beautiful News

I hope the Pictures widget will get options, like Ken Burns effects and Favorites/For You/Smart Stack