Today I had breakfast for breakfast and dinner. Tonight I’m going to have brunch for supper.

Fatty fingers?

Are my fingers too fat, or does on iOS seem to open a link even if you tap just in the vicinity of a link? 📝

Currently reading: The Naked Anabaptist: The Bare Essentials of a Radical Faith, Fifth Anniversary Edition by Stuart Murray 📚

MTV, I want my mutually assured Destruction ☢️

Happy Europe Day to you and all the other Micro.Bloggers in EU! (We’re still in the EEA though…). @maique


I’m liking M83 so far. 🎵

Today is Day of Peace ☮️

The old internet –

Radio 1983-85 a Spotify playlist 🎵

Listening to Connected - Stereo MCs 🎵

Used to be, I was very annoyed when someone called me “young man” - but that was when I was a young man! Now I’m loving it, although I think it’s kind of in an ironic way. 🥰

Listening to The Airing of Grievances by Titus Andronicus 🎵

Nick Cave on The utility of suffering


I bought two nice, old candle holders for ~$10 online, and got a rug, (that I needed), and this funny wind-up rabbit to go with them! 😃🐰🕯🕯

Electric vans are flooring it NOTE: Google Translate

Little girl in bloom - Thin Lizzy 🎵

Sarah Connor?

Interesting finds about websites. The Same Handful of Websites Are Dominating The Web And That Could Be a Problem

Har nettopp sett på Amundsen som fant polene. Siden har nordmenn fortsatt med å finne polene.

Labor Day / May Day 🌹

May 1st used to be a significant date in Norway, and around the world, (to some it still is), and it’s a paid day off work, being Labor Day, (May Day in some other countries).

There still are too many important issues related to the rights of employees in the world, especially in developing countries, and the uneven power balance between a corporation and an employee - that to dismiss this effort to bring attention to the continued prevalence of exploitation and corporate greed is very unfortunate. 🤑😵‍💫

Hacking with Swift

Hacking with SwiftUI

Natty Never Get Weary - Culture 🎵

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