Towards Karihaugen.

Towards Karihaugen

Lettere sagt enn gjort.

«Så gjør dere ingen bekymringer for morgendagen; morgendagen skal bekymre seg for seg selv. Hver dag har nok med sin egen plage.» ‭‭Matteus‬ ‭6:34‬ ‭N11BM‬‬


Caught my attention because: the U.S. military is talking to SpaceX about using Starship for logistics, WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?

s09e33: Strategy UX; Numérasse, Very Specific 3D Game Engine Aesthetics, Humming · Buttondown

Only 3 days until WWDC.

17 years ago. Inspired by Lemmy. @pimoore

Crosstown trip to the ophthalmologist today. Nothing was wrong with my eyes, so now I can just ogle on.

If Stack Overflow and Slack were to merge: Slack Overflow.

1 day until "maxxination"!

Fun-fun-fun! Spotify me-story.

Is it just me or do iOS 14.5-6 squeeze the juice out of the battery?🔋

Ah, now I get it! Nero burning ROM(E). 25 years late. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Not surprised.

Scorpions Revisited - Uli Jon Roth

Bridge over Edvard Munchs Vei.

Woke up @ 2am. But… I’d rather be sleeping

Unfairer. @rom

This morning I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Spotify’s Neo-Psychedelic Rock playlist

❤️ Immediate Skin-to-Skin Touch Could Save The Lives of Many Preterm Babies, Study Shows

Today, May, is Day of International UN Peacekeepers. Although they may have failed sometimes, they’ve probably saved hundreds of thousands of lives throughout the years. 🇺🇳

We’re expecting temperatures up to 19°C/~62°F in Oslo today. Very good, I like.

What if Amazon is SPECTRE?

Modern dating

Ancient attempts at milkshake

Oh, I remember Heaven’s Gate.

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