Cortana is dead. Long live Cortana!

Late, but here they all are, @maique ! From left: Em, Eggis, Nøkkelkaninen(N.K.), Snappy, Mandela Kirsebær and Cindy. 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰


Akkurat nå skulle jeg gjerne hatt en Donald-pocket!

New book. 📚

In Defence of Food

New toy. 😊🕹

Question for US of Americans here: I appreciate the song “Driving on ‘9” by The Breeders, and I thought it meant highway 9, and the song goes “…looking for the ‘30”, which I see is trough Texas, (if that’s IH-30), but I can’t find the “9”. Can someone give me a clue where this is?

Test. April 10^th^.

Zion Gate Dub - Horace Andy / King Tubby 🎵

Sun is out.

Waxx on… (½ Moderna)💉❌🦠☺️

The Red Hand Files - You can ask me anything. There will be no moderator. This will be between you and me. Let’s see what happens. Much love, Nick : The Red Hand Files


Limited-time deal: BIDEN Men’s Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch, Waterproof Designer Wristwatch, Luminous Analogue Business Watch With Date

Finally! Week numbers now in Calendar in iOS! 🙏

Something is wrong with the timeline…

Out of the blue, I got a phone call about having the first Anti-COVID shot today. I’m very satisfied that they’ve moved so quickly recently. 💉❌🦠

💉❓ What’s wrong with this emoji?

It isn’t a needle to take blood samples, it’s a shot. Yet there seem to come blood out of it. Is it a doping shot?🩸

Listening to Zion by Hillsong United. 🎵✝️

Still think it’s their best album, followed by “Of Dirt and Grace”.

Excellent use of a tinfoil hat, id to wrap it around your smartphone, and put it in your pocket.

Why can’t the boat still be stuck? 🤤🥱😴

It seems my replies don’t appear in the timeline…

I now have three, (3), blogs. This one, for miscellaneous shorter stuff in English, @recluse for hobbies and @auran for longer, and (hopefully) more serious writing, but in Norwegian.

Third day (/night) of intermittently fasting. Mood is 🙂

Had some delicious lamb wraps and a Solo soft drink today. I don’t have a picture, but it did happen. 🌯🥤

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