Please avoid plastic cups

All I wanted was a Pepsi

All I wanted was a Pepsi…

I was watching Tele-Text on the TV yesterday, and it said “5 mutanter i Bergen”. (5 mutants in Bergen). Never thought I’d see a headline like that. It was of course referring to that there were 5 cases with a mutated corona virus. 🦠

Wintery and cold. (-8.5°C). I think I’m going to make my own temperature scale: -1000°O (Oddigrades) = Very cold, 0°O = Comfortable, and 1000°O = Very hot.

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 7: Craving. I’m craving snuff tobacco, so I’m using nicotine spray to wean myself off it.

Nicotine spray

Minkou e so non moin - Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou 🎵

One of my favorite tracks by them.

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 6: Sport. I used to own a Sport Utility Vehicle.

Chevrolet Tahoe, Snow Sport Edition

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Catwalk models. #DoTheyKnowItsChristmas

Using current ugly mug for my profile photo.

Looking at a fake fireplace on my (Apple) TV. 🔥

Looking at a fake fireplace on my (Apple) TV.

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 5: Pets. We’re not allowed to have pets where I live, so my plush rabbits are the closest substitutes. 🐰

Plush rabbits.

Olivia Rodrigo sounds a lot like Maria Mena…

Maybe it’s just a dream that I had, but I seem to remember a service that can import your Spotify playlists, and export them to Apple Music? Is that a real thing? Only need it once.

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 4: Layers. Working with layers.

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 4: Layers. Working with layers.

Listening to Core Intuition - Geezer Programming Languages 👨🏻‍💻🔊

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 3: Comfort. 2L of Ice-Cream Comfort food.

2L Ice-cream Comfort food.

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 2: Morning Beverage.

I’ve forgotten how good this Cults album is. 🎵

The Gömböc

Checked if Vandelay Industries was taken as a company name in Norway. It was, and so was Kramerica.

Apple TV screensaver + SomaFM DroneZone = Bliss.

Micro.Blog Pho-Blo Day 1: Close up.

Mandela Kirsebær portrait.

Mandela Kirsebær portrait

Mye gammelt slagg…