Is it just me or does the LEGO Range Rover look better than the real thing? 🤔

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OK, so how do I make cold brew coffee? I often make a big thermo-mug full of coffee, and sometimes I drink only half of it, and the next day, instead of making a whole new mug of coffee right away, I just drink the leftover cold coffee that’s already in the mug. Does that count?☕️

Don’t forget your towel.


The Same Song - Edit - Israel Vibration 🎵

TIL: Even though I’ve got an iPhone, I have Android. - Android obesity.

The Holy Ghost

When we hear about ghosts, chances are we imagine Casper the Friendly Ghost, or this: 👻, but the original meaning was ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’. Therefore, when I hear ‘The Holy Spirit’ I find that easier to relate than ‘The Holy Ghost’, even it has the same meaning.

Happy Pentecost! 🕊 🔥

ghost /ɡəʊst /

– ORIGIN Old English gāst (in the sense ‘spirit, soul’), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch geest and German Geist. The gh- spelling occurs first in Caxton, probably influenced by Flemish gheest.

Source: The Oxford Dictionary

No. I should not have eaten the whole pack of licorice… 🤢

Just a test…

Please raise your hand if you think Apple should make routers again. AirHomePod(?) 🙋🏻‍♂️

Beautiful photo by Hai Tran

I think the doctor’s office mixed up the Moderna vaccine with an endorphin shot, bc I feel great! Rare for a Friday afternoon, but here we are. 🎈🥳

I had my first shot at my second shot, and it stuck. 💉💪🙋🏻‍♂️

I can’t help but think whether it was being a woman, an asian, or both, had something to do with her not being taken seriously right away.

The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup That Helped Covid Kill - WIRED


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Gratulerer med dagen!

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On repeat: Beach House

I hope you’re not eating right now… Pigs And Rodents Can Breathe Through Their Butts, And This Could Be a Vital Discovery

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I’m thinking that I need at least three lifetimes to do everything I’d like to do. That means I’m going to need about ten years to figure out how to pull that off too.

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